ChromaScape: The Alchemist of a Safe and Vibrant World

ChromaScape: The Alchemist of a Safe and Vibrant World

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Joe Majewski, CEO, ChromaScapeJoe Majewski, CEO
Energetic and innovative, specialty chemicals company ChromaScape has illuminated the lives of millions with bright and attractive colors in their homes and workplaces. ChromaScape’s colorant and additive formulations, customized for a diverse range of applications, bring freshness to the bland mulch, asphalt/sealer, paper and printing inks markets. These formulations are the result of standardized and integrated manufacturing processes built in a lean manufacturing environment by the company’s technology and chemicals experts. “Our processes allow us to quickly adapt to the changing trends and fill capacity gaps in the market to address customers’ problems and capture new opportunities,” says Joe Majewski, CEO of ChromaScape. Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, the nimble and agile business strategy of ChromaScape has helped the company sail through the turbulent economic conditions by working with reliable and flexible supply chain partners, including logistics firms and material suppliers, to deliver reliable and safe products to its customers.

For ChromaScape, customer engagement is not merely another project but a chance to improve the quality of customers’ final product at a reduced cost. “And we unlock this engagement by asking pointed questions: what product is being built, and in what ways can our formulations help the customer reduce cost? How can our formulations increase the features of their product so that they can improve revenue? Is there a need to augment the customers’ team with our technology team or process?” says Majewski. Having answers to these questions, ChromaScape’s team begins creating efficient formulations using state-of-the-art equipment. “Our procedures can vary depending on the product and industry types,” he adds. “And our engineering teams can have a new, best-in-class process up and running quickly to meet customer demand, at any time.”

In pigment grinding, for instance, the firm partners with medium mills to develop specialized design changes to achieve specific performance criteria. So, customers can gain maximum value out of a specialized production line, in that, one machine can create up to 30-40 different products with lower specialization. Take the case of a large paper company whose engineering team availed ChromaScape’s subject matter experts to build and control a value-added process in their manufacturing environment, which resulted in a 20 percent overall process reduction.

Our processes allow us to quickly adapt to the changing trends and fill capacity gaps in the market to address customer problems and capture new opportunities

ChromaScape’s team tests the formulation using the in-house testing equipment to ensure safety, reliability, and sustainability of its products. And these qualities are not limited for its external customers, but for internal customers, or employees, too. ChromaScape has an established environment, health, and safety (EHS) program designed to align with the company’s quality systems. “We have the necessary certifications that guarantee plant safety and process quality,” says Majewski. ChromaScape has codified processes to ensure observation, audits, and track the problem areas. What’s more, the firm’s Director of Quality, EHS Manager and engineering team, continuously focus on a documented sustainability mission to reduce water and electricity waste.

To future-proof its operations and business value, ChromaScape is always on the lookout for prospective acquisitions. In July, the company acquired Greenville Colorants, LLC. With this acquisition, the firm expands its capabilities by integrating Greenville’s systems to strengthen its technical expertise while broadening the product portfolio to offer more value to stakeholders and customers. It looks to grow its customer base in the eastern and southeastern US through Greenville’s Carolina facility.

Backed by a passionate team of processing industry experts, Majewski has invested 12 years of his life guiding ChromaScape to grand success in the chemical industry. A combination of seasoned industry veterans and new employees helps the company challenge the status quo and bring new breakthroughs in the industry.

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Twinsburg, OH

Joe Majewski, CEO

Provides customized formulations, built using lean manufacturing, for the chemicals industry to overcome the operational challenges and deliver enhanced value to customers